Through the eyes of a Psychic


Is it predictactability or a total scam?


Back for Good


Hey my fellow bloggers! I know it has been a really long time since I have been blogging and I really do apologize.. I have been way too caught up with writing articles for the local newspaper and now I have been given an opportunity to share my ideas on a blogging site called The Odyssey. If you could please give my article a read, that would be great! Just a little humor and a topic that most of you can relate to! I will be posting every article I write on here!

Free Yourself


Hey, bloggers! I just came across this amazing video today and I wanted to share it with all of you. It is definitely worth the watch!

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Nobody should ever fear what they have in store for the world. Simply pursuing what you strongly believe in is what makes you so unique. Don’t ever change who you are because someone tells you to not act a certain way. Embrace your desire and watch how it can lead to a long, happy path in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this little message that comes straight from my heart! 🙂


Look Up


Hey bloggers! I apologize for the lack of blogging. I had trouble finding something nice to share. Hopefully this video will make you all think twice and connect with those who surround you. I have nothing against being glued to your devices. However, don’t you think it would be nice to look up from your phones every once in awhile? I hope you all enjoy this creative video! 🙂

Sometimes Confrontation Will Help You Realize What You Are Worth


“Mayra, you are too nice” is what I have always been told by my family and friends. I took it as a good thing. But being too nice has its downside, too. People can take advantage of your kindness and know that you won’t do anything about it.

I knew I needed to have a change for once.

Earlier on in the school year, I was constantly bullied by my peers. I noticed that they would look at me and laugh about God-knows-what because I, not once did anything for them to talk. I let it slide because I was so afraid that they would overpower me. However, we all let things go up until there comes a moment where you had enough.

I ended up confronting them.

I was so nervous when it happened. As much as I wished to back down, I knew that it was too late. I had to do the extreme and clarify the situation. Although the results weren’t as I had expected- considering that it gave them more reason to talk about me, I was proud.

I always found it difficult to stand up for myself, but the moment I did, it felt great! I knew that I did the right thing and I respected myself more.

After my confrontation, I knew that I was up for any challenge that came along my way. Little did I know, that I would have to deal with a teacher.

Since I am Yearbook Staff Member, I was in charge of taking pictures of every single teacher in the school. It was a hassle, but it was something that had to be done. Everything was fine up until I came across a teacher who was very disrespectful towards me. As soon as I walked in, he started showing off in front of the class by making smart comments. He even downgraded my camera that I got as a present and saying that he got one that costs 10x more than mine. It was very offensive. I was afraid to say anything in front of the class and mostly because he used to be my teacher. But that didn’t stop me from feeling completely embarrassed.

The whole day I felt upset about what he said. It was the thought that a teacher would bring down a student in front of a whole classroom that was hard to grasp.

Then, I knew that I had to stand up for myself and tell him how he made me feel.

I made sure to visit him when he wasn’t teaching a class to make it more private. That’s when I flat out told him how I felt. He immediately apologized for making inane comments and everything was clear.

Sometimes all it takes is for an apology for things to get better. Just one simple word. If you were brave enough to stand up for yourself, and people realize their faults by saying “sorry”, everything would be OK.

If you ever feel as if people are taking advantage of your kindness, know that you are worth more than feeling down and confront whoever it might be. They are no different than any one of us. Stick up for yourself because by you taking a stand, it will make them realize that you know just how much you are worth.